Sunday, November 23, 2008

Unhappiness, TV & PIZZA

I am sitting here at work where I am able to see (not hear) FOX News, 24/7. Not my first choice of programming, not my choice at all. I am NOT a TV guy. I have been heard by many jokingly saying such things as "TV is evil". The fact is that I don't like to sit still that long and I usually end up feeling like I wasted my time when I do.

So late on Fox News there is this show called Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld, which seems to take a tongue in cheek poke at a lot of people and issues.... I am sure it is quite humorous, if I could ever hear it! So I look up from time to time and see the little captions showing their topic(s). First it was "Is Johhny Depp to blame for the recent rise in pirate activity?" LOL Cute, but I hardly think so.

Next it was, "Study finds unhappy people watch a lot more TV." This I find interesting. I can apply this to myself and say, "See! You are sooooo happy!" Without a doubt I am quite happy today, thanks to God an AA. So yeah, I can imagine being unhappy and glued to the TV for hours, drawing some false sense of happiness from it. I don't even have cable! YAY! I am KING HAPPY!

OK, moving on....

The next little caption I see says, "Tivo teaming up with Dominos to allow orders through TV." Now is it just me? Is there something wrong with this country that we can't put down the remote to pick up the phone to order pizza? I mean I recall pre-pizza delivery days.... how ever did we survive? Of course that was when there were what, 12.... 13 channels and no remote controls.

OK, so unhappy people are inclined to watch more TV, AND.... with the help of Tivo, they can order a pizza via their TV, thus helping them potentially expand their unhappiness by stuffing their faces with cheese and bread and grease. Oh the JOY! It seems to me that we are making it easier to sink deeper into that unhappiness. All they need to do is add a 6-pack to that delivery service and wow, they will have it all wrapped up!

I long for the days of less channels, less reality TV (cuz it is mostly b/s) and more people interacting and being social and neighborly. I grew up in a time where you knew your neighbors and could count on them. Today, I am not even sure that I want to know my neighbors and I don't like feeling that way.

That is one thing I love about the rooms. I know who to expect to see and who I can count on. I know I can expect a handshake or a hug from certain people and can greet others the same way. I can leave my remote at the door, silence my phone and suddenly I am in a world that I love with people I love.

So today I will choose to be sober.... happy, joyous & free.... no cable and I will pick up my pizza (thank you very much). If I wanna watch something, I can rent it.... but I may need to get a dvd player.... I don't think you can rent VHS anymore, eh?


AlkySeltzer said...

"That is one thing I love about the rooms...... I can...... silence my phone and suddenly I am in a world that I love with people I love."

There is NO BETTER way to say this. Thank You. Love it!
Steve E.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Great post!!! I so agree, although I do have some favorite tv programmes I watch and enjoy, I find that too much tv is "the weapon of mass destruction" and I am with you on "reality tv" "whose reality is it?" Great post and thank you for the great reminder of the rooms and the in touch community of love we have!

Thank you,

Zanejabbers said...

SILENCE A CELL PHONE. Music to mine ears. Good post.

Syd said...

There's too much babble on TV. I like the silence. It actually frees up my mind. And no cell phones is a great idea.

Cat said...

I rarely watch Tv anymore - and I don't miss it!