Sunday, January 25, 2009

What Up?

As I sat in the first of two meetings for the evening on Friday, about mid way through it I received a picture message on my phone with a simple, two word question, "What up?" I was unaware of the message until after the meeting and found it ironic and somewhat humorous.

To be more clear, here is about what it looked like.....

What Up?

Now maybe the irony is more clear? I have changed much of the people, places and things in my life in the past two years but some still remain.

This message came from a guy I know from work. I used to drink and party with this guy in a time when I worked with him daily. I got sober a year or so after leaving his department and he is unaware as we don't see each other often anymore. He had come out to see me perform with a band a few times and offered to buy me drinks and I simply said, "No thanks."

So now, while I am able to see such images on my phone and laugh it off I think perhaps I should speak to him at some point and tell him I do not drink anymore. I believe he would understand, having gone through what we have over the years and having seen me through some of my difficult times in my later active years. My hope is to not receive such an image on my phone one day and have it look good to me or seem like a good idea.

Also knowing him as I do, I may be the one example of the Big Book that he sees. It is not my place to decide if he needs to stop drinking, I know only he can decide or know that. I have to take care of me and stay sober before I can help another. So if he gets the message to not send me such images, it is taking care of me. If he gets another message that I am sober and happy he will know that he can come to me to talk about it if he wishes.

Today I know I have no desire to drink or drug and it is my hope that God will continue to lift the desires to pollute my mind and body as He has for some time now. I also know I have to do the foot work to take care of myself. I am grateful because there was a time that such a picture message would have had me drooling, en route to the bar from whence it came.

As always, I thank God for bringing me to AA and AA for bringing me back to God.

Have a great and sober week, one and all!



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are doing well.

Cat said...

Its ironic how things hit us at just the right time.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Great post and great sentiments you possess toward the gentleman who was in your life.

Glad to hear from you again!