Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Commitment to a Commitment

My how things can change with a little time, patience & love.

Just over two months ago I was crushed, heart broken... but sober.

Today I am as happy, joyous and free as I ever imagined being. As I have previously posted, my relationship with the woman I love has come back around. We are still 'moving forward' as I had stated in my previous post and are committed to doing so. We are walking and talking through everything together and the last two months have been the most incredible of our journey together thus far.

(Side note - I am often long winded but I am going to keep this brief... I am getting to the point, LOL)

After much thought, consideration and prayer I recently arrived at a decision and have since followed through with it. Two weeks ago she and I went out of town for a show. We had a really nice hotel room and a really nice time overall.

As we were preparing to leave for the show on Saturday night I asked her to sit on the bed. Before she knew what was happening she was unwrapping a small silver wrapped gift as I knelt before her, on both knees. The box contained a small jewelry box which contained a diamond ring! She was so happy, as was I!

As I asked permission to place the ring on her finger we were both in tears. I told her it may not be the ring I would like to have given her but it was the one I chose to represent my commitment to a plan for our future together. I told her that I loved her that I ever knew was possible to love another and I do not want to lose that.

We... are... MOVING... FORWARD...

No immediate plans for a wedding date of to live together. Both will take place when her kids are out of school and she is free to relocate. Until then we are committed to working on our plan for the future one day at a time.

Sobriety is such a gift! God is awesome! Life is sweet!

Much love to you all! PEACE!

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Syd said...

That is so great. I am glad for you both.