Thursday, August 19, 2010

Still trudging the road of happy destiny

WOW! Has it really been 5 months since my last post? Well, by looking at the timestamp on the last one it would appear to be just that.

My apologies for my absence and lack of commitment here.

I am fortunate enough today to still be trudging that road and to feel happy, joyous and free.

Just over a week ago I (we) marked 3 years of continuous sobriety.

This A.A. stuff..... well, it really works.

I have much work to do, but I can look back today and see the progress I have made - truly a miracle - by the Grace of God!

Life is not perfect today and never will be, but it is way better than it was in those last few years of my active alcoholism. The mere acceptance of the fact that life will never be perfect says a lot for me, LOL

Honestly, I have been blessed with the willingness to do what it takes. The obsession was lifted quickly after that last night out, when I was given that precious gift of desperation. When I went to court I actually went to the police station and requested a copy of my mug shot from that night. They looked at me like I was crazy saying that nobody had ever made such a request and that they could not do that for me. Personally, I don't think they knew if they could or not and opted to protect themselves by not doing so.


My life has never been better. I have a homegroup, a sponsor and I am working the steps. I am the intergroup rep for my homegroup, I go on speaking commitments, take other service commitments and help others whenever I can however I can. All of this stems from the gifts of willingness & desperation. All of these things are things that I secretly thought I would never do when I first came into the program..... then I drank, one more time..... then 'the gifts'.

Thanks to God, the program, the fellowship and all of you!

I hope to be able to spend more time here reading and sharing in the future. I was on a roll there briefly and I recently felt I have been missing my blogging outlet here and elsewhere.

Until next time.... PEACE & LOVE to you all!

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