Monday, August 22, 2011

Not forgotten...

Hello all..... yes, I am still alive and sober and I even remembered my password, LOL

My last post started off in disbelief that it had been five whole months since the previous post..... um, well..... it's been a bit longer since that one. One year and three days to be exact!

So yes, it is anniversary time again. Thanks to God, the 12 Steps, willingness and sponsorship - as well as so many others on the same journey - I (we) just hit four years clean and sober two weeks ago.

It has surely been a year of ups and downs. Many changes and much growth can be challenging and painful. Getting through all of it with no desire to dilute or pollute my body and mind is such a good feeling.

Attended the N.E.F.O.T.S. conference in Maine again this past March and loved it. I have been doing step work and service whenever possible, fulfilling commitments to my group and to others - all with the help of my most awesome Higher Power, who has given me such a gift..... a miracle! I never thought He even knew I existed much less thought myself worthy of a gift like this. Thank YOU God!

So, I will not make any promises about trying to come back and post more often. It would be nice as I love to write and to share. I just don't make time like I should to maintain a regular blogging schedule.

I do hope all is well with all of you, whomever may read this. Thank you to those followers who didn't drop off because of my non-presence here. I do hope to be back before my next anniversary, God willing. I have faith in Him that He will help me get there as long as I remain willing.

I am willing to move forward and grow today, I am NOT willing to revert to the old me. I remember like yesterday the way I felt four years ago and I never want to feel that way again.

Have a great 24!

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