Saturday, December 26, 2009

Moving Forward

Two simple words... "Moving forward"

The definition of where I am in so many ways on any given day. I have found myself using these two words together quite often in the past few weeks. Looking back I realize that it has been far longer than a few weeks but only recently has it become clear to me just how often and for how long.

One thing I say a lot, "If I am not moving forward, it's easier to move backward." This means a lot to me. Funny how the meaning of a word or phrases can change in time and application to our lives.

I have been moving forward in many areas of my life, others not so much. As I grow within this program I see more opporunities to apply this little phrase.

The recent break between my partner and I gave me time to look at myself and our relationship. Where was I moving forward? Where was I sliding backward? Where was this heading? How was I effecting her and our relationship?

We have talked at length about the things we need to work on, the things we needed to talk about and the things we need for ourselves as individuals. We got together and talked face to face on Christmas night for a few hours. Our conversations in this week have been among the most honest, open, heart-felt talks we have ever had. We have agreed to move forward, doing all we can to keep the communication at this level. It has been a sort of awakening for me.

We are in fact moving forward, slowly and steadily in an effort to reaffirm our foundation in this relationship and our commitment to one another. We are have opened the lines of communication like never before while establishing some boundaries allowing us time for ourselves to be and do what we need as individuals. In our time together I have never felt better about the relationship than I do today.

We are staring over in a sense, with the huge advantage of knowing each other very well. We are truly blessed with our lives within this program, to be sober and willing to work through things that we used to run from or drink over.

Happy New Year!


Syd said...

The renewal of a relationship is a good thing. Communication and respect are key to starting anew. Good for you on moving forward.

Eli said...

I can never be reminded too often that if I'm not moving forward, I'm moving backward. It's amazingly true. However, I haven't really thought about this in my relationship. That's an interesting idea. Thanks-